Newbridge Health and Wellness Releases Guide on How to Mitigate Exposure to Microplastics

Newbridge Health and Wellness Releases Guide on How to Mitigate Exposure to Microplastics

(Edina, MN) — September 13, 2022 — Newbridge Health and Wellness has released a guide on how to mitigate exposure to microplastics. The increased reliance on synthetic materials for everyday uses creates an issue for these materials remaining in the environment. It also means that people often come in contact with microplastics, which could be harmful.

Microplastics come from plastic materials used in everyday products such as:

• Food packaging
• Clothing
• Carpeting
• Personal care products
• Appliances
• Cars
• Electronics

They are categorized as pieces of plastic that are smaller than five millimeters. Researchers are finding that they appear everywhere in people’s food, water, soil, and air. In other words, people regularly ingest or inhale microplastics made of harmful polymers and additives such as flame retardants, stabilizers, and colorants.

Newbridge Health and Wellness wants to highlight the potential dangers of exposure to microplastics. It’s unclear what the implications are since the use of plastics is relatively new. However, the dangerous chemical substances in microplastics pose a potential health concern.

This guide addresses the risk of damaged cells or induced inflammatory and immune reactions due to the consumption of microplastics. The toxic chemicals within them are a concern, which is why Newbridge Health and Wellness is dedicated to providing education and help.

People can review the guide to understand ways to limit their exposure to microplastics. It also details how switching to a functional nutrition diet will help promote optimal health while mitigating the consequences of ingesting microplastics. Those interested in how to switch to a functional nutrition-based diet can learn more by reading the article.

Newbridge Health and Wellness takes a functional medicine approach to treating its patients. This practice has an individualized, patient-centered, science-based systems approach to health that empowers its patients to pursue optimal wellness. People interested in understanding autism and how functional medicine can treat autism should visit the Newbridge Health and Wellness website to get help.



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