Motorcycle Adventure and Sex: Secrets, Tips, and Tricks Arrives at VBR5 (The VERY BORING RALLY)

Motorcycle Adventure and Sex: Secrets, Tips, and Tricks Arrives at VBR5 (The VERY BORING RALLY)


“Any motorcycle can be used for an adventure. As a US Supreme Court Justice said of pornography, I believe I know a motorcycle adventure and an adventure motorcyclist when I see or meet one.””  — Dr. Gregory W. Frazie


(Duluth, MN) — , USA, July 25, 2023 — Motorcycle road warrior, adventurer, author and journalist, Dr. Gregory W. Frazier (around the world six times by motorcycles), is to give a one-time free lecture titled Motorcycle Adventure and Sex: Secrets, Tips, and Tricks. The reclusive writer and adventurer has limited public engagements to one per calendar year. For 2023 he will be presenting the provocative seminar at The Very Boring Rally in Duluth, Minnesota on July 28.

While researching and fact checking ADVENTURE MOTORCYCLIST: FRAZIER SHRUGGED  Dr. Frazier and his editorial team found that in their defining the parameters and pith of “adventure motorcycling” while debunking many of the myths and claims in and around the term, there was a direct correlation between motorcycle designs, manufacturer marketing and sex – a concept Dr. Frazier has identified as Motorcycle Sex-ing.

Researching a publication some years earlier about the first motorcyclist to ride around the world in 1912-1913, Dr. Frazier discovered that that global adventure motorcyclist later in life scripted a film titled THE ADVENTUROUS SEX. In 1994 Dr. Frazier, himself an avid global adventurer and having completed his first motorcycle circumnavigation, had authored a best-selling book spoofing Sigmund Freud, motorcycles and sex.

ADVENTURE MOTORCYCLIST: FRAZIER SHRUGGED will be the basis for the content of the July 28 seminar. Borrowing some words from George Hanson (Jack Nicholson) in the 1969 film EASY RIDER, this publication “…ain’t no pork chop, this is grade A prime.”


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