Minnesotans Make a Dash for Powerball Tickets as Jackpot Climbs to $760 Million

Minnesotans Make a Dash for Powerball Tickets as Jackpot Climbs to $760 Million

(St Paul, MN) —  Dec. 28, 2023 — Powerball’s jackpot surged to an estimated $760 million (estimated cash value of $382.5 million) after there were no winners in its draw on Wednesday December 27th, setting the stage for a thrilling final draw of 2023!

Powerball’s next draw will take place on Saturday, December 30th, and the jackpot has steadily been rising since it was last won on October 11th, when a California resident claimed a $1.76 billion prize. That jackpot came after 35 consecutive rollovers, making it the second largest jackpot in Powerball history. The largest Powerball jackpot remains at $2.04 billion, won by a California ticketholder in November, 2022.

Powerball sales are surging across the country in anticipation of the upcoming draw, and Minnesotans are rushing to secure their tickets. Players across the state now have a convenient way to participate in lottery draws by ordering their tickets at theLotter Minnesota, the leading lottery courier service with thousands of satisfied customers.

Minnesotans are ordering lottery tickets from the comfort of their own homes

“We enable residents of Minnesota to participate in their favorite lottery games from the comfort of home,” says Peggy Daniel, theLotter’s U.S. Managing Director. “We have definitely seen an increase in the number of people searching for more convenient ways to order lottery tickets. In the past few days, with Powerball’s jackpot rising toward the billion-dollar mark, we have seen huge numbers of visitors on our Minnesota website.”

theLotter Minnesota offers state residents the platform to order official Minnesota Lottery tickets. The company partners with local retailers who buy physical tickets on a customer’s behalf. A scan of the actual paper ticket is uploaded to the customer’s account, and they are notified after winning any prize. “Wins of up to $600 are transferred directly to a customer’s account; bigger prizes can be collected in person at the Minnesota Lottery offices,” Daniel explains.

For more information about theLotter Minnesota, visit the company’s website at mn.thelotter.us.

About theLotter Minnesota

theLotter offers a lottery courier service enabling residents of Minnesota to order official Minnesota lottery tickets from their device, from the comfort of home or on the go.

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