Minnesota Neurosurgeon Develops OLLIF Technology.

Dr Abbasi Inspired Spine

(Burnsville, Mn)  —  April 13, 2022 — The OLLIF procedure is a true minimally invasive lumbar fusion technique that employs an incision of 15mm, produces up to 90% less blood loss than a traditional fusion, and requires no muscle detachment to access the disc space.

Many patients are ambulatory within hours after surgery and are often discharged the same day. No deep infections have occurred during the first 1,500 procedures.  By tremendously reducing the risks associated with surgery the procedure can be performed safely in elderly patients and patients with high BMI.

Inspired Spine has published 9 peer reviewed studies demonstrating significant reduction in the cost of the surgery, hospital stay reduction in MN from 4.2 days to 1.6 days, and a 20-fold lower likelihood of infection.

Dr. Uzma Samadani, a Minneapolis neurosurgeon renowned for spine tumor resection and complex neurotrauma repair has completed 4 percutaneous navigated spine fusions with the Inspired Spine OLLIF technology. Dr. Samadani is the first surgeon in Minneapolis and among the first in the country to perform fully percutaneous, single position, navigated anterior/posterior spine fusion.  Dr. Samadani explained “Outpatient percutaneous spine surgery represents the future and I am happy to be able to offer it to my patients.  The Inspired Spine procedure reduces surgical time, muscle and soft tissue disruption, and blood loss to enable faster healing and mobilization after spine fusion. The total blood loss for my first 4 cases averaged less than 25 cc per patient.”

Dr. Hamid Abbasi, Neurosurgeon and CMO of Inspired Spine who developed the OLLIF procedure and its instrumentation noted “Spine care is very complex and even in 2022 most spine surgeries are performed via large open incisions with cauterization of underlying tissues, retraction and blood loss. We live in a pivotal moment as the spine field transitions to true MIS, which tremendously benefits our patients.  We provide training and support for Spine Surgeons around the world, and are proud to help local surgeons like Dr. Samadani to bring this truly marvelous technology to our patients right here in our backyard in Minnesota.”  Dr. Abbasi has been training surgeons from around the world on the OLLIF technique since 2012 and is expanding the Inspired Spine Network nationally and globally.

Inspired Spine is a Minnesota based company with 3 centers in Minnesota (BurnsvilleAlexandria, and Crookston,) and is planning to open up nationwide centers in California and Texas in the next 12 months.

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