Minnesota History Center Rotunda Named in Recognition of the Dr. Dash Foundation

Minnesota History Center Rotunda

Photo: Left to right, Dr. S.K. Dash and Kent Whitworth, director and CEO of MNHS, at the Dr. Dash Foundation Rotunda inside the Minnesota History Center. Photo Credit: Minnesota Historical Society

Led by Philanthropist Dr. Sita Kantha Dash, the Dr. Dash Foundation donates $1 million to the Minnesota Historical Society; First space at the Minnesota History Center named in recognition of an organization chaired and founded by a person of color.

(St Paul, MN) — November 10th, 2022 — The Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) is pleased to announce that the rotunda located inside the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul has officially been named the Dr. Dash Foundation Rotunda in honor of Dr. S.K. Dash for his extraordinary generosity. The announcement was made during a special ceremony attended by more than 750 people following the 173rd MNHS Annual Meeting, which took place on November 9.

Upon the occasion, Kent Whitworth, director and CEO of MNHS stated, “It is our mission to serve all the people of Minnesota–and in Minnesota we are diverse and rich in culture. We thank the Dr. Dash Foundation for this generous gift to help us deliver our mission to create powerful engagement with history to cultivate curiosity and foster a more inclusive, empathetic, and informed society. We are grateful for this contribution and pleased that Dr. Dash’s support is formally recognized in this location, where over the years and for years to come, millions convene to learn about history and culture.”

Dr. Dash Elected to the Honorary Council at MNHS

Last evening at the MNHS Annual Meeting in St. Paul, Dr. Dash was elected to the honorary council of MNHS–the only elected person this year. Scientist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Dr. Dash has been a long-time, dedicated supporter of MNHS. He sponsored and wrote the foreword to the book, From Seven Rivers to Ten Thousand Lakes: Minnesota’s Indian American Community, published by MNHS Press in 2019. He has been a major benefactor to MNHS for more than two decades.

“We must all do our part and contribute to outstanding organizations that support our local and global communities,” said Dr. Dash. “Our world is increasingly smaller. The more we understand each other and see ourselves reflected in each other, the more our communities and world can prosper.”

Dr. Dash’s other community-focused philanthropy has helped preserve the heritage of Indian Americans in Minnesota. As founder and CEO of the Dr. Dash Foundation, his work spans continents with nine locations ranging from Minneapolis to Mumbai, Dallas to Delhi, Iowa to Houston and Brookings, South Dakota. Dr. Dash serves on 12 boards of directors and has donated generously to 20 nonprofits in Minnesota and 10 in India to support research and innovation, health, education, welfare, community, and culture.

As an esteemed scientist, Dr. Dash has earned international acclaim for his research and innovations, focusing on probiotics and nutritional supplements. He is the founder of UAS Laboratories, LLC, the leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative probiotics in the United States and Canada–more than 65 countries worldwide.

About the Minnesota Historical Society

The Minnesota Historical Society is a non-profit educational and cultural institution established in 1849. MNHS collects, preserves and tells the story of Minnesota’s past through museum exhibits, libraries and collections, historic sites, educational programs and book publishing. Using the power of history to transform lives, MNHS preserves our past, shares our state’s stories and connects people with history. Visit us at mnhs.org.


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