Mayor Norton and City of Rochester Earn National Recognition in Efforts to Encourage Active Living

Mayor Norton City of Rochester

(Rochester, MN) — December 28th, 2023 — The City of Rochester and Mayor Kim Norton announce the completion of the 2023 Move with the Mayor (R) (MWTM) Fall Fit Challenge and celebrate success in achieving the Gold Level in the Step It Up! Success Roadmap, the highest level of achievement.

Rochester was one of thirty cities that participated in MWTM fitness challenges this year, contributing to the more than 60 events held across the United States.

Held locally in the spring and fall, activities included partnerships with Med-City Marathon’s Kid’s Run and with Rochester Public Schools Walk to School Day. Community members were also encouraged to track their minutes of exercise on the Spark app and report their results. The Mayor’s office also created a MWTM activity book, participated in a community bike ride, and encouraged many more popular activities to keep people moving.

“Working to improve programs and policy around the physical, mental, and overall health of Rochester residents has been a priority for me since I took office. I want ‘America’s City for Health’ to also be America’s healthiest city!” said Mayor Norton.

The Fall Fit Challenge includes the completion of a Step It Up! Success Roadmap inspired by the U.S. Surgeon General’s call to action, promoting walking and walkable communities. During the challenge, participating mayors submit a year-in-review of the city’s healthy lifestyle policies and programs to the National Forum.

“Completing the Roadmap has been a great way for City departments and partners to review our accomplishments over the year and see what we are doing well, and see what we can improve,” continued Mayor Norton. “Each additional year we complete the Roadmap is a chance to see how far we have progressed.”

Cities earn points based on the level of achievement in three focus areas: making physical activity a city priority; designing activity-friendly communities that make physical activity safe and accessible for everyone; and promoting programs and policies to support physical activity.

John M. Clymer, executive director of the National Forum, adds “Mayor Norton and the City of Rochester deserve resounding applause for their participation in the Fall Challenge. They are a testament to the fact that with unity, commitment, and leadership, it is possible to inspire active living on a community-wide scale. It’s truly inspiring to witness how they have harnessed the Move with the Mayor initiative to foster an environment of wellness and implement proven strategies to improve well-being.”


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