Marketing & PR Leader Launches New Book on Brand Building

Amy Juers The Marketing Edge


(Minneapolis, MN) —  March 16, 2023  — Edge Marketing, Inc. (formerly Edge Legal Marketing and Accounting Edge Marketing), a Minneapolis-based public relations and marketing firm serving the needs of organizations in the legal and accounting industries, announces CEO Amy Juers, MBA, has published her first book: The Marketing Edge: A Sharper Way to Approach Building a Brand.

The Marketing Edge offers actionable and practical tips on performing a SWOT analysis, crafting SMART goals, building buyer personas, defining your unique value proposition, using storytelling to your advantage, building a positive company culture, getting the most out of your website, performing market research and data mining and combining the power of PR, marketing, and advertising.

As a 26-year veteran of the industry, Juers believes the future of any organization depends on understanding your current position in the market while envisioning the heights you’d like your business to reach. “To be successful, businesses must be willing to devote time and energy to the actions that lead to more clients, increased revenue and business longevity,” says Juers, such as strategic planning, brand positioning, marketing and advertising, employee participation, website maximization and strategic outsourcing.

Recently, having raised her three children as well as an internationally successful company, it was time for Juers’ next “baby.” This newest arrival, The Marketing Edge, is an insightful guide to the nuances of today’s marketing. “Going through the pandemic, it seemed like an opportune time to highlight what works today,” Juers says. “I felt the time was right as we settle into the new normal to examine what that looks like from A to Z in legal marketing and public relations.”

The Marketing Edge is now available for purchase on

About the Author

Amy Juers, MBA, is founder and CEO of Edge Marketing, Inc., a multi-award-winning marketing and public relations firm that services the legal and accounting communities. Edge Marketing has been recognized by the National Law Journal, Texas Lawyer, the New York Law Journal and many others.

She possesses a work ethic that reflects an indefatigable drive, dedication and astute mind. All this culminates in the raging success of what’s considered to be the go-to PR and marketing firm for savvy legal and accounting entities.

Spontaneous, exuberant and fun-loving are just a few of the adjectives that describe Amy Juers, whether she’s cheering on the Minnesota Vikings, teeing off on a lush course or just hanging out with family and friends at the lake house. Of course, there’s her other side, too: the studious, ambitious and highly focused entrepreneur who has successfully built a company that’s now in its 26th year.

About Edge Marketing

Edge Marketing, Inc., formerly known as Edge Legal Marketing and Accounting Edge Marketing, delivers strategic marketing and public relations expertise to clients in the legal and accounting industries. As an award-winning full-service agency, Edge provides fractional CMO services, strategic planning and budgeting, public relations, branding, website development, email campaigns and digital advertising for clients globally. Since 1997, Edge has helped B2B organizations reach the top. To learn more, visit


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