Mahtgician Games launches Lights Out Racing—a fast-paced board game inspired by FORMULA 1

Mahtgician Games Lights Out Racing


Players compete against other drivers with F1 gameplay elements.

(Mahtomedi, MN) — April 12, 2023 — Mahtgician Games, a newly developed board game startup, today released Lights Out Racing on Kickstarter. Players take control of a racecar, play with F1 elements, and stand atop the podium at the end.

Designed for novice and diehard racing fans, Lights Out Racing brings the pinnacle of motorsports into players’ homes. They get closer than ever to the action as they compete against other drivers.

Just like in the real thing, the first car to cross the finish line after completing a pre-determined number of laps wins. As they race, players engage with elements of FORMULA 1 racing.

Lights Out Racing incorporates an Energy Recovery System (ERS) that lets players deploy a three-dice roll during their turn. Another F1 feature is the Drag Reduction System (DRS), which lets players store remaining energy.

Overtakes push players ahead of others. When they enter a braking zone, players may receive a full ERS deployment reward. These F1 gameplay features make it feel like the real thing.

With a straightforward gameplay, Lights Out Racing has players line up on the track in a grid order. They take the fast track or slow track around the board, and they even make pit stops.

Players unleash the car’s power, speed, and control on one of four tracks inspired by real locations: Austin, TX, USA; Silverstone, UK; Montreal, Canada; and São Paulo, Brazil.

Designed for players ages 13 and up, games take 40–60 minutes and require 2–6 players.

Lights Out Racing is available on Kickstarter today at a Super Early Bird price of $49, which is 28% off the retail price of 69$.

About Mahtgician Games

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