Kindness Legal Clinic: Local Minnesota Attorneys Will Merge Compassion and Legal Support This Holiday in ‘Free Hugs & Legal Consults’ Event

Free Hugs & Legal Consults

(St Paul, MN) — December 14, 2023 – Free Hugs is pioneering a unique event that blends the
comfort of the local community with professional legal consultations. This special gathering,
hosted at Summit Brewery, promises an evening where warmth meets wisdom, and compassion
intertwines with expert legal advice this holiday season.

Why Combine Free Hugs with Legal Consultations?

In a world that can sometimes feel distant and overwhelming, Kindness Legal Clinic champions
the transformative power of reaching out. Understanding the often-intimidating nature of legal
matters, the firms involved crafted this event to offer a Free Hugs night, paired with a free legal
Q&A session. The aim is to create a welcoming bridge between legal professionals and the
community, fostering a relaxed and approachable environment.

What to Expect at the Event:

Free Hugs: Enjoy a warm embrace or a friendly high-five from our experienced attorneys and
mediators, fostering a sense of community and support.



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