JazzJune First to Illustrate a Non-Fiction Biography Using Artificial Intelligence

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AI is powerful, but it’s the human touch that brings out its true potential.”    — Alexander Londo, Illustrator

(Bloomington, MN) —  May 19, 2023 — JazzJune’s CEO Alexander Londo, a renowned graphic designer and video producer, has made a breakthrough in the world of art and technology. He is the world’s first artist to use artificial intelligence (AI) to illustrate a published non-fiction chapter book.

Already known for his pioneering work in creating the world’s first 100% AI-generated online course, Londo is now making waves in the world of publishing. He has harnessed the power of AI to breathe life into the newly released book “Unemployable: How I Hired Myself,” authored by leading venture capitalist and entrepreneur, Alysia Silberg.

The book, detailing Silberg’s empowering life story, now features vivid, emotionally resonant illustrations, a testament to the harmonious collaboration of human creativity and artificial intelligence. Each illustration was crafted by Londo using powerful generative AI tools, ChatGPT and DALL-E, in combination with his seasoned graphic design skills.

Londo’s illustrations highlight the potential of AI to enhance rather than replace human creativity. “AI is powerful, but it’s the human touch that brings out its true potential,” said Londo. His journey of illustrating Silberg’s book emphasizes not just the power of AI but also the resilience, adaptability, and ingenuity of human artists.

“This project was an emotional roller coaster of creativity, frustration, and triumph,” Londo shared. “The experience taught me that while AI is a fantastic tool, it needs human creativity and determination to overcome its limitations and create something truly special.”

“Unemployable: How I Hired Myself” hit the shelves, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble on May 19th, 2023. It marks a significant milestone in the world of AI, art, and publishing, and it’s a testament to the endless possibilities when human and AI collaborate.

This achievement by Alexander Londo is not just an extraordinary leap for him personally, but it sets a precedent for artists, graphic designers, and creatives worldwide to embrace AI and explore the uncharted territories of creativity it offers.

For more information about Alexander Londo and his groundbreaking work, contact press@jazzjune.com

About Alexander Londo

Alexander Londo is a graphic designer and video producer with over 15 years of experience. Now CEO of JazzJune, he’s known for his innovative approach to design, Londo has worked for nationally broadcasted productions and Fortune 100 companies. A pioneer in the world of AI and design, he’s the creator of the world’s first AI-generated online course and the first artist to illustrate a non-fiction book using AI.

About JazzJune

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