Institute for Integrative Therapies Opens New Clinic in Eden Prairie

Institute for Integrative Therapies Opens New Clinic in Eden Prairie


Psychedelics, used responsibly and with proper caution, would be for psychiatry what the microscope is for biology or the telescope is for astronomy.”   — Stanislav Grof

(Eden Prairie, MN) — October 20, 2022  — Institute of Integrative Therapies (IIT) is moving forward under new leadership. Dr. Manoj Doss, co-founder of IIT, will continue to carry the mission of expanding the use of psychedelic assisted therapies forward. He is partnering with three other leaders in healthcare. Ranji Varghese, MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist, current Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, and co-investigator of the only psilocybin study ever conducted in the state. Mariya Javed-Payne, LICSW, LADC, is a somatic psychotherapist, trauma therapy and addictions expert, and served as the former Director of Behavioral Health at United Family Medicine. Shawn Olson, MD, MPH, is the current Medical Director with Dome Ranch Lifestyle Medicine Collaborative, and will be providing lifestyle, longevity, and integrative medicine services.

Together, this new team of partners will be focusing on bringing the philosophy of integrative care into fruition with psychedelic medicines while also creating a center of excellence for training and research for psychedelic therapies.

Our practitioners have a wealth of experience helping patients through the process of behavior change and are ready to help capitalize on this opportunity to change the trajectory of lives in the community we serve. It is our aim to promote lifestyle changes and therapies that are safe, natural, effective and minimally invasive, guided by our patients’ unique insight into what works best in their lives and their practitioner’s expertise in the practice of medicine.

IIT physicians and therapists collaborate with patients to co-create an extraordinary ketamine assisted psychotherapy experience designed to be a catalyst for long-lasting change. Sessions can be done in an individual, couple, or group setting. Ketamine assisted psychotherapy provides a unique opportunity to reconsider patterns in life, beginning a new chapter centered around a return to health and wellness. With additional services such as integrative medicine, wellness and nutritional coaching, IIT is at the heart of true person-centered holistic care, with dedication to healing the body, mind and the spirit.

While currently offering ketamine assisted psychotherapy sessions, IIT hopes to offer psilocybin and MDMA assisted therapies as they become legal in the near future.

IIT is in a new location at 9300 Hennepin Town Rd, Suite B, Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  Online at:

The Quick Trip with Dr. Manoj Doss


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