Healthsource Solutions Launched the Happiness Survey, a Strategic Necessity for Creating a Happy Workplace

Healthsource Solutions Launched the Happiness Survey, a Strategic Necessity for Creating a Happy Workplace

Professional burnout is reaching unprecedented levels a positive and joyful work environment is no longer a luxury but a necessity for employees and employers.

If you were stranded on an island, what are the three things you would want to know about your business?”— HealthSource Solutions Business Coach

(Minneapolis, MN) —  February 12, 2024  — With professional burnout reaching unprecedented levels, fostering a positive and joyful work environment is no longer a luxury but a necessity for both employees and employers.

HealthSource Solutions, a leader in employee wellbeing, understands happiness’s pivotal role in employee retention, recruitment, and high-quality customer service.

In October of 2023, HealthSource Solutions actively participated in two wellbeing conferences, the Midwest Health Promotion and the North Dakota Wellness Conference, where the keynote topic revolved around happiness. The company emphasizes that happiness is no longer perceived as “fluffy” but as a fundamental element for the organization’s overall success.

Five years ago, the company’s founder, Mary Kruse, was prompted by their business coach to ponder the essential aspects of their business. The response highlighted the importance of staff happiness as the foundation for a thriving workplace. This philosophy stems from the belief that a happy team leads to positive customer satisfaction and financial health outcomes.

The leadership team acknowledged the need for a persistent effort to drive happiness within the HealthSource Solutions team. A thriving workplace culture doesn’t happen by chance; it requires intentional creation, nurturing, and constant refreshment. The company places significant emphasis on aligning actions and communication with its leadership team, ensuring they “walk the talk” daily.

HealthSource Solutions has implemented a monthly Happiness Survey to gauge employee happiness for the past four years. This anonymous survey encourages staff to be transparent about their concerns, allowing the company to address issues in real-time.
The survey asks employees to rate their happiness on a scale of 1 to 5, considering personal and professional aspects. The goal is to encourage staff to bring their authentic selves to work by recognizing the challenges of separating work and home life.

The survey’s simplicity is a barometer for the organization’s joy and happiness. It includes questions about employees’ sense of belonging within HealthSource Solutions and allows employees to offer recommendations if their happiness score is three or less.

The following can be used internally on your teams. HealthSource Solutions uses Survey Monkey to send it monthly to all employees.

The Happiness Survey

How people feel at work matters to us. Sharing your happiness score helps leadership keep a pulse on current issues and understand how we can best support you. Please take a minute each month to complete this survey. All results are completely anonymous, so transparent feedback is appreciated. Your feedback is important to guide us to solutions.

On a scale of 1-5, rate your happiness score this month regarding your personal and professional life. (1 – Very Unhappy: 5 – Very Happy).

How would you rate your sense of belonging within HealthSource Solutions? (1 – I don’t feel like I belong, and I’m often excluded; 5 – I feel that I’m included and belong here).

If your happiness and/or belonging score is three or less, do you have recommendations for how leadership/your manager/ your teammates might better support you? Please add comments here:

Results from the survey are aggregated monthly and presented as a standing item at Leadership meetings. The data is translated into a 36-month bar graph to monitor trends, with the ultimate corporate goal of achieving an average Happiness Score of 4.0 annually.

HealthSource Solutions aims to create an environment where employees can bring their fully authentic selves to work daily by actively recognizing areas to celebrate and supporting those needing improvement. The company believes crafting a happy workplace is a continuous process that requires dedication and a genuine commitment to employee wellbeing. In today’s competitive business landscape, a happy workplace is not just a luxury; it’s a strategic necessity.

About HealthSource Solutions

HealthSource Solutions is an employee wellness company that provides comprehensive programs and services designed to engage the entire population including the most difficult to reach employees. We offer customized solutions that leverage our wellness program management, portal, onsite staffing, and utilizing existing client resources. We are on a mission to bring wellness to those employees who are most often left behind.

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