GREATER MSP, coalition of leaders, discuss growth of region’s semiconductor industry with US Commerce Secretary, Senator Klobuchar

Greater MSP


Minneapolis, MN / St. Paul, MN)  —  June 28, 2023 — U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo met with leaders of the region’s semiconductor industry today to discuss opportunities to grow the semiconductor industry in Minnesota.

Joining Secretary Raimondo at Normandale Community College in Bloomington was Senator Amy Klobuchar, Bloomington Mayor Tim Busse, University of Minnesota Interim President Jeff Ettinger, and GREATER MSP President and CEO Peter Frosch, along with leaders from semiconductor industry, labor and trades, and workforce development.

The roundtable discussion included members of the Minnesota CHIPS Coalition, which was formed by GREATER MSP in late 2022 after the passing of the $52 billion federal CHIPS and Science Act. The coalition is comprised of more than 35 organizations, including manufacturers, supply-chain partners, education and training providers, labor organizations, and state and local governments.

“We were honored to host Secretary Raimondo today, especially given that our coalition is currently preparing to apply for federal funding,” Frosch said. “We conveyed to her our vision for becoming a national hub for semiconductors, doubling the size of the industry and creating 10,000 more jobs.”

During the event, Frosch promoted the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region’s unique qualifications, including:

  • The region’s existing and diverse semiconductor ecosystem, which includes semiconductor and related microelectronics manufacturers and a supply chain of designers, toolmakers, gas and chemical producers, and packagers.
  • The semiconductor industry’s readiness to scale, thanks to $250 million of dedicated state matching funds through the Minnesota Forward Fund.
  • The industry’s ability to produce semiconductors and related microelectronics to meet the needs of a diversity of industries, including medical device, consumer electronics, automobiles, data centers, and space and military systems.
  • An existing workforce of over 10,000 across the state, including engineers, operators, and technicians.
  • Research and development leadership at the University of Minnesota
  • The abundance of statewide education and training programs that can scale to meet increased industry growth.
  • The ability to produce semiconductors with 100% renewable energy – ensuring the U.S. government can advance its security and climate goals in tandem.

About the Minnesota CHIPS Coalition
Minnesota’s semiconductor industry ecosystem has come together around the funding opportunity created by the federal CHIPS and Science Act. The Minnesota CHIPS Coalition is a statewide coalition of more than 35 organizations, including manufacturers and supply chain partners, education and training providers, trades, and state and local government. We have a vision for Minnesota’s semiconductor industry to be a top-10 national hub and leader in the Midwest for semiconductor learning, development, and manufacturing.

About the GREATER MSP Partnership
GREATER MSP is the economic development partnership for the 15-county Minneapolis Saint Paul region. More than 300 leading businesses, universities, cities, counties, philanthropies, and others are working together to accelerate the competitiveness of the regional economy and drive inclusive economic growth by creating jobs, expanding our labor force, and increasing investment. For more information go to


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