Gray Duck Puts Million Dollar Incentive in Place for Gopher Fans

Gray Duck Million Dollar Incentive

Gray Duck Spirits announced today there is a path for it to give $1,000,000 annually to support Dinkytown Athletes.

(St Paul, MN) — January 9, 2024 — Gray Duck Spirits announced today there is a path for it to give $1,000,000 annually to support Dinkytown Athletes.

“If we can do 30% of the Minnesota market leader in vodka we will be close to our million-dollar goal. The rest of the goal would come through Duck Duck Beer and Fan Pack seltzer sales,” said Gray Duck partner Jerry Schulz. “On average consumers can save 25% versus the market leader for the same quality due to Gray Duck’s new premium filtration method. We have created a win-win. Fans get a quality product for less cost that supports our state and what we care about. Every dollar matters to the athletes and the success of our athletic programs. We are asking fans to join us and when buying vodka, beer or seltzers think about the impact you can have.”

Dinkytown Athletes, the Official NIL Collective of Gopher Athletics and Gray Duck are working to help provide NIL support for student athletes at the University of Minnesota to compete in a complex athletics environment. Gray Duck gives back 20% of beer and Fan Pack seltzer proceeds and 25% of vodka proceeds to Dinkytown Athletes. The partnership with Dinkytown Athletes highlights the natural cross section of Minnesota made products and enjoying Gopher sports.

“The potential for our partnership with Gray Duck is now massive,” said Dinkytown Athletes Vice President and Co-Founder Rob Gag. “The reception fans have given Duck Duck Beer has been incredible to see. Now if we can help Gray Duck grow their vodka sales the impact will be exponential. This is a Minnesota company (Gray Duck) giving back to a Minnesota organization (Dinkytown Athletes) that supports student athletes at the University of Minnesota. We’re already seeing success thanks to our wonderful fans, let’s see how much we can grow.”

About Gray Duck Spirits
Gray Duck is a Minnesota company that was founded in 2018 by Jerry Schulz, Mark Cotter and Jamie Quesnel, along with former Minnesota Vikings captain Chad Greenway. The company was inspired by an end zone celebration led by former Viking Kyle Rudolph on the biggest stage: national TV. It sparked a nationwide debate on how Minnesotans play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck instead of Duck, Duck, Goose. Since 2018, Gray Duck has donated over $350,000 to area charities from the sales of vodka and seltzers across Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Iowa.

About Dinkytown Athletes
Dinkytown Athletes is a community of University of Minnesota athletics fans, alumni and supporters. The organization is a separate entity that has no affiliation with the University of Minnesota and was created as a result of the new NIL (name, image, likeness) legislation for NCAA athletes. NIL allows student athletes to promote themselves and accept money in exchange for approved NIL activities. As an NIL collective, our charter is to help student athletes navigate NIL opportunities and help our local business community and fans connect with University of Minnesota student athletes.

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