EmpowerU Honors Exemplary School Partners for Outstanding Impact on Student Mental Health

EmpowerU Impact on Student Mental Health



More than 5,000 students at five EmpowerU partner districts in Minnesota made significant improvements in their mental health and resilience

(Minneapolis, MN) — January 17, 2024   — EmpowerU, a leading national provider of mental health skills and support for schools, recently recognized five school districts for their longstanding commitment to improving student resilience and mental health. The districts, based in Minnesota where EmpowerU was founded in 2018, each worked with EmpowerU for more than five years to deliver vital support to students, leading to a marked improvement in student well-being.

“EmpowerU was launched as an effective way to deliver mental health services to young people,” said Katie Dorn, co-founder of EmpowerU. “I am beyond proud of the work we are accomplishing with our district partners who leverage their Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to positively impact students who are struggling with non-academic barriers to their success. We congratulate these five districts that are shining hometown examples of the potential of what we do.”

The recognized districts were:

• Independent School District 196 – Apple Valley / Eagan: 1,760 students impacted; 97% of students rated* EmpowerU courses helpful to their well-being and confidence

• Independent School District 728- Elk River: 2,616 students impacted; 95% of students made significant goal progress **

• Minnesota Virtual Academy: 102 students impacted; 100% of students made significant goal progress and reported the program was helpful to their well-being and confidence

• Minnetonka Public Schools: 316 students impacted; 97% of students made significant goal progress

• Orono Public School District: 253 students impacted; 95% of students made significant goal progress

“We’re honored to be recognized for our commitment to the holistic well-being of our students,” said Mary Kreger, superintendent of Independent School District 196, one of EmpowerU’s longest standing partners. “Through our partnership with EmpowerU, we’ve successfully fostered a supportive environment that recognizes the importance of mental health for student success.”

Both public and private school districts nationwide utilize EmpowerU programming to make a difference in the lives of students. The company engages students of all ages through digital skill-building lessons that feature evidence-based reflection, support and the coaching needed to drive behavior change so students can reach their goals. EmpowerU data over the previous three years shows that more than 93% of students who complete its online program make a dramatic shift from discouragement and stress to improved well-being, motivation, and hope.

“For more than five years, these school communities have demonstrated an ability to prioritize the importance of student resilience,” said Dorn. “We are honored to walk alongside them in partnership to deliver measurable, improved student well-being.”

For more information, please visit EmpowerU.education or contact info@empoweru.education.

EmpowerU Impact on Student Mental Health

About EmpowerU:

EmpowerU, part of the FullBloom family, is a leading provider of evidence-based programs that support students facing non-academic barriers to success. Through its comprehensive approach, EmpowerU equips schools with the necessary tools and strategies to deliver targeted interventions that empower students to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. With a commitment to data-driven decision-making and a focus on delivering care alongside evidence-based practices, EmpowerU is dedicated to transforming student outcomes. Learn more at EmpowerU.education.

*Statistics collected via an end-of-course survey completed by students.
**Statistics collected based on students’ pre-assessment self-ratings on various prompts in four categories – personal, emotional, social and academic compared to post-growth skills achievement.


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