Musicians with More Than 80 Million Streams Release – Harp Instrumental from the Heart

Harp Instrumental from the Heart

(Minneapolis, MN) — January 11, 2023  — Beautiful instrumental music has the power to both relax the listener and focus their mind, allowing for uninterrupted deep thought, prayer, and study. In recent years, relaxing music has seen a steady increase in popularity with audiences under 35 years of age seeing the fastest growth, thanks in part, to the popularity of instrumental music streaming channels on Spotify and YouTube Music. One group of musicians more than any other, Prayer Pray, has been able to capture audience hearts with its powerfully inspiring music. Their collection of instrumental relaxing music albums has amassed a staggering 80,000,000 million streams and views and garnered more than 400,000 YouTube subscribers. Now, Prayer Pray has launched its latest album just in time for Valentine’s Day, Harp Instrumental from the Heart.

Unlike other musicians who have niche audiences and demographics, Prayer Pray’s calming songs and albums have international appeal with fans logging in from around the world to listen. The group of Christian musicians is also unique in that their fan base extends well beyond Christian audiences, and resonates with audiences of all ages and faiths. The group has released a wide array of albums including four Christmas albums, several albums of Celtic music, as well as albums of guitar and harp hymns specifically designed to enhance prayer, bible study and to accompany hymns.

“People often refer to our music as being heavenly,” explains Prayer Pray. “Instrumental piano, violin, cello, harp, and guitar music has the power to instantly touch the soul of the listener. They feel a powerful connection to the divine. People stream our music from around the world as they reflect, pray, relax, study, and connect with loved ones. The music we create elevates the soul and clears the mind, it’s meditational. That’s why so many people from around the world subscribe to our channel. They stream the songs and albums over and over again because it helps connect them to God, and to their own thoughts and emotions.”

Harp Instrumental from the Heart is already receiving critical acclaim with thousands of fans streaming the 25-song, 1 hour and 38-minute-long album.

Harp Instrumental from the Heart launched on January 5, 2023.

To stream or download Harp Instrumental from the Heart and all of Prayer Pray’s music, visit Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music, where fans can subscribe and be the first to hear Prayer Pray’s latest albums.

For the newest releases, to connect with Prayer Pray on social media, and to listen to the all of the group’s divinely-inspired music, follow @PrayerPray on YouTube.


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