Crooked Beverage Company Partners with Granite City Jobbing to bring Infused Tonics to Their 1400+ Retail Locations Across Minnesota

Crooked Beverage Company Partners with Granite City Jobbing to bring Infused Tonics to Their 1400+ Retail Locations Across Minnesota

Pictured is Crooked Beverage Company’s sparkling tonic 4 packs. The lineup includes; Strawberry Basil, Berry Hibiscus, and Blood Orange. The black cans are 5 mg of thc and 5 mg of cbd, the white cans are 3 mg of thc and 3 mg of cbd. Servings are 12 oz cans and are equipped with child resistant caps.

Making Crooked the most widely available THC infused beverage in its first month of operation.

(St Cloud, MN) — April 18, 2023 — Crooked Beverage Co, announced today that they have partnered with Granite City Jobbing in an agreement to sell and distribute the company’s THC infused tonics across the state of Minnesota.  The partnership enables Crooked to benefit from Granite City’s well-established customer base of more than 1400 locations across a combination of convenience stores, restaurants, bars, golf courses and more, with a focus on Greater Minnesota.

“We are thrilled to have the Smith family partner with us on our mission to become Minnesota’s most loved and accessible functional beverage. Their nearly 60 years of experience with meeting customer needs and reaching some of the most remote areas of the state make the partnership a win / win,” said Maddie Schenk, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Crooked. “We know our customers value a beverage that tastes great, and with the wide range of access options available in the state for hemp derived THC beverages, it makes for a perfect marriage.”

“The team at Crooked has been incredibly helpful in integrating into our network, both on the customer acquisition side but also across our staff through a combination of powerful point of sale items such as end caps, floor decals, coasters, apparel and clings for coolers, windows and doors; as well as the intuitive online training and certification program CrookED, which is required for all who sell or serve their tonics,” said Mike Smith, President and owner of Granite City Jobbing. “These guys put consumer safety first and have made it easy for our customers to adopt and sell.”

Crooked Beverage offers THC infused tonics in a variety of flavors and doses to make it easy for all types of consumers to enjoy in all types of social settings. “We have made great progress to date, but we are only getting started,” noted Jeremy Sutherland, Co-Founder of Crooked Beverage.  “We are about access and opportunity in communities all over Minnesota and we will continue to lead with our commitment to safety, compliance, high-quality products and community access. We want to be a win for this exciting new market, our customers and our partners,” added Sutherland.

About Crooked Beverage:
Crooked Beverage Company is committed to the standards and the desires of those looking for an alternative to alcohol. Crooked is made in Minnesota, uses Minnesota-grown hemp and all-natural ingredients, and Crooked is committed to supporting our Minnesota supply chain. We prioritize safety and education to ensure a happy and enjoyable experience before, during and after consumption of our tonics. Like the water in our lakes, the snow on our roofs, the color of our autumn leaves, the fish under our ice and the cravings for summers we all share, we are Minnesota. Crooked is the ultimate Minnesota, functional beverage! You’ll find our tonics in the stores you trust, the restaurants you love, and online at

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