Skingevity Med Spa Owner named one of 8 Visionary Women Setting New Standards of Success

Skingevity Med Spa Owner named one of 8 Visionary Women Setting New Standards of Success


MSN featuring Skingevity Med Spa CEO as one of 8 Visionary Women Setting New Standards For Success

Announcing Skingevity Med Spa CEO and Owner’s feature in MSN on being named one of 8 Visionary Women Setting New Standards of Success.

There’s a Younger you inside. We take the worry out of Longevity and bring you Skingevity.”

— Amanda Lemmage

(Spring Park, MN) — June 18, 2024 — Success is no mere destination – it’s an exhilarating, trailblazing journey led by only the boldest visionaries. Acknowledging this, today we are celebrating these 8 phenomenal women who aren’t just keeping pace; they’re changing what it means to conquer and thrive.

From visionary health experts to entrepreneur extraordinaires; these fierce femmes are shaking industries with their unique brands of genius. Not only did they turn challenges into launching pads, but dreams into reality, proving success has many inspiring faces.
Brace yourself for stories brimming with audacious grit, unbridled creativity, and strokes of sheer brilliance that’ll ignite your inner fire. These mavens aren’t just raising the bar – they’re crafting a whole new playbook on blazing your own trail to greatness.

Need a dose of motivational fuel or a reminder that ambition knows no bounds? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s meet the unstoppable trailblazers who’ll stoke your passion for daring greatly.

Amanda Lemmage
Meet the visionary whose profound philosophy is rooted in holistic beauty – Amanda Lemmage, CEO and owner of Skingevity Med Spa. Ruling as a transformative leader in the wellness and entrepreneurial sectors, she has revolutionized the perception of aesthetic care.

Her career stands as living proof of her passion for aesthetics and her talent for forging deep connections with patients. Amanda’s patient-centric approach, which prioritizes attentive listening and the creation of personalized, realistic plans, has garnered her a loyal clientele and an outstanding reputation.

Skingevity Med Spa is indeed a standout in the field of med spas, offering a wide range of aesthetic, medical, and wellness treatments. Located in Minnesota, it has earned a reputation as the premier destination for those seeking top-notch aesthetic care and overall wellness.

Amanda’s recent features in renowned publications such as Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines, USA Today and many more – further solidify her growing recognition and influence in the industry. These features not only highlight her exceptional work but also showcase the effectiveness of her approach to wellness and aesthetic beauty.

However, Amanda isn’t just an aesthetician and public figure; she’s also a mentor, inspiring technicians and entrepreneurs globally. Her future plans include launching a podcast and expanding her speaking engagements, further extending her growing influence in the wellness and skincare industries. This journey and commitment to patient well-being solidify her as a transformative leader and visionary woman.


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