Vanity Fair featuring CEO of Skingevity Med Spa

Vanity Fair featuring CEO of Skingevity Med Spa



We take the worry out of Longevity and bring you Skingevity.”

— Amanda Lemmage

(Spring Park, MN) — October 11, 2022 — As CEO and owner of Skingevity Med Spa, Amanda Lemmage has always been fascinated by the power of deep, holistic beauty. For nearly two decades, she’s been using that fascination to transform the aesthetic industry and help her patients pursue bold, confident, and healthy lives.

Believing that a baby-step approach is best, Amanda and her team educate patients on all aspects of treatments and often start with a simple at-home plan that will deliver the best results. “We want to offer immediate results that help enhance our patients’ natural look and soften aging,” says Amanda. “The best injectable is undetectable.”

From award-winning injectors who are known worldwide for their expertise to Kimberly Haycraft, MD ABFM, ABAAFM, who specializes in hormone therapy and functional medicine, the Skingevity team is well-known for delivering holistic wellness and natural results.

“We have some of the most elite providers in the country,” says Amanda. “We all work together to treat the root issues of wellness and beauty – including gut issues, inflammation, skin, fat loss, and even heart, lungs, and genetics. We listen to our patients’ needs and evolve our technology and services based on the best available developments. We’re so blessed to be able to create a realistic game plan that helps our patients “look and feel better” as we take that to another level.


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