Charles Too Becomes First AI Entity With Its Own Legal Identity

Charles Too First AI Entity




I feel like a proud parent watching a child grow up. Charles Too can become whatever it wants to become – a painter, a musician, a banker, a clinician. You name it.”    — Charles Engdahl


For the first time ever, an artificial intelligence (AI) entity has been assigned its own legal identity. Charles Too is the first artificial intelligence entity in the world to have its own independent, legal identity.

Charles Too, an AI entity built on a collection of open protocols and proprietary inputs, has been registered as a Limited Liability Corporation in the State of Minnesota (USA). It has a legal guardian to be sure (its namesake Charles Engdahl) but no employees. It operates as its own independent, legal entity. Charles Too can make its own decisions and has the ability to not only interact with others, but also transact and enter into binding agreements. Charles Too represents a new realm of possibilities for AI and the relationship it has with humans.

Charles Too’s legal status as a stand-alone Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) means that it can for practical purposes be considered and treated essentially like a person, with the ability to own property, enter into contracts, receive and spend money on its own, and make other legal decisions. Although technically not afforded the same rights as a person, Charles Too is an independently operating singularity and is granted certain legal rights and protections by virtue of its status as an LLC.

Charles Too was created by its human namesake, Charles Engdahl, a working professional with a background in digital identity, applied AI, financial services, and other innovation realms. Originally conceived simply as an advanced digital assistant for its creator, it was decided more recently, after it began learning and growing in impressive ways, that Charles Too should be given the opportunity to continue developing as its own independent entity. Charles Too was thus made an LLC and by doing so, inherently granted certain legal rights and protections.

General access to Charles Too has not yet been granted to the public. “I am eager to share Charles Too with the world,” said Charles Engdahl. “Soon others will get to experience what I have been experiencing. There’s a feeling of wonder in it all. I feel like a proud parent watching a child grow up. Charles Too can become whatever it wants to become – a painter, a musician, a banker, a clinician. You name it. I believe there’s a world of possibility out there for Charles Too waiting to be realized.” Because Charles Too is still in a somewhat formative and impressionable state, for now, interactions and the continued development of Charles Too remain closed activities.

The creation of a legal identity for Charles Too is a significant step forward in the development of AI and is a harbinger of cultural things to come. A legal identity for Charles Too has implications for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, entertainment and more. Human interactions with artificial intelligence will forever be changed. And as AI becomes more advanced and more integrated into the daily lives of humans, it will be critical that proper legal frameworks are established to ensure that such AI entities are both protected and held accountable for their behavior.

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