“Brilliance! A Musical Animation” – A Feature-length Project by Philip Agustin Gonzales Now Ready for Pre-Production

Brilliance! A Musical Animation



“See me like you see you.”

Brilliance! a musical animation ~ “See me like you see you.”

(Minneapolis, MN) —  February 19, 2024  — “Brilliance! A Musical Animation” – A Groundbreaking Project by Philip Agustin Gonzales Now Ready for Pre-Production.

In an industry first, the feature-length project, “Brilliance! a musical animation” has been announced ready for pre-production. This exceptional package, meticulously crafted by the visionary composer and writer Philip Agustin Gonzales, encompasses a completed screenplay and a full complement of songs and lyrics, poised to set new standards in animated storytelling and musical depth.

Drawing from a deeply personal narrative, Mr. Gonzales’s latest project is inspired by his son, Philip Ryan, who lived with a rare neuromuscular disease until his passing at the age 23. Sidelining a successful career in film scoring, he dedicated his life to fatherhood in a complex medical home care setting. He witnessed the miraculous, transformative power of music in his Philip Ryan’s development. Mr. Gonzales channels these profound experiences into “Brilliance!”, blending ancient mysticism with visions of a techno-future. The story arc follows a high school football star who aims his bully impulses at the kids with disabilities. Dire circumstances and the influence of a blind classmate with ethereal powers brings him to confront and shatter the historical pattern of abuse against the disabled.

“Brilliance!” ventures into the heart of societal issues, presenting a narrative that spotlights the historical mistreatment of people with disabilities while hewing a path toward full inclusion.

“Brilliance!” is not just a story; it’s an exploration of themes that challenge our perceptions and invite us to imagine a world of inclusion and empathy.

Philip Agustin Gonzales’s dedication to merging his artistic talents with advocacy for the disabled has culminated in this project, promising an unforgettable experience that marries the vibrancy of animation with the soul-stirring potential of music. “Brilliance!” a musical animation stands as a testament to a father’s love, a son’s legacy, and the universal language of music as a force for change.

With the screenplay and music completed, “Brilliance!” is now seeking production partners to bring this visionary work to audiences worldwide. This project represents an opportunity to be part of a cinematic journey that transcends entertainment, offering a message of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of empathy. Join us in bringing “Brilliance!” to the world.


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