Bowman Hired as City of Fergus Falls Communications Manager

Jean Bowman Fergus Falls Communications Manager

(Fergus Falls, MN) — – August 25, 2022 – The City of Fergus Falls announced it hired Jean Bowman in the newly-created position of communications manager. “Bowman has the experience, knowledge of Fergus Falls and the enthusiasm to expertly serve the City and our communications needs,” said Andrew Bremseth, Fergus Falls City Administrator.

Bremseth noted the complexities of keeping residents informed about city government. “Communication about city projects and services should be proactive, consistent and easy-to-find. Until now, there has not been a dedicated effort to provide that,” said Bremseth. The City Council unanimously approved the new position at its June 21, 2022 meeting. “Bowman will connect the City Council and staff with the community.”

In addition to residents, there will be added emphasis on internal communications. “With more than 200 employees in 16 locations, keeping our staff informed, engaged and connected is a high priority,” said Bremseth. Bowman will work closely with department heads to identify opportunities important to staff and the public.

Prior to joining the City staff, Bowman served for 19 years as executive director of Visit Fergus Falls. “It’s been a fantastic run, promoting Fergus Falls for travel and tourism,” said Bowman. “I’m excited to shift messaging and audiences and help the City connect with residents and employees.” Bowman begins in her new role September 12 and can be reached then at 218-332-5425 or

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