Barbara D. Stinnett Joins Boon Logic’s Board of Directors

Barbara D. Stinnett Boon Logic


(Minneapolis, MN) — Dec. 15, 2022  — Boon Logic, provider of the world’s fastest AI-based anomaly detection solutions, today announced the appointment of Barbara D. Stinnett to its board of directors. Stinnett is founder and CEO of Timmaron Group, an international business strategy firm, and will advise the company on matters including operational strategy, raising and allocating funds, and industry-specific growth strategy.

“Barbara brings a combination of midwestern sensibility and Silicon Valley savvy to the table and will be an invaluable asset to Boon Logic as we pursue high-growth opportunities,” said Grant Goris, CEO. “Her expertise in biotech and healthcare, as well as emerging markets, is particularly well-matched to Boon Logic’s products, and the insights she’ll bring will help us reach our growth goals.”

Boon Logic develops AI solutions powered by Boon Nano, its proprietary algorithm that transforms visual inspection and condition monitoring without the need for highly skilled, costly data science resources required by traditional AI development methods. Amber provides predictive maintenance and condition monitoring that can be trained and deployed in minutes instead of days, weeks or months. Avis is an automated visual inspection solution that increases inspection volumes, reduces missed defects, and significantly reduces operating and capital expenses.

“Boon Logic is positioned to disrupt the AI industry with its patented algorithm, Boon Nano,” said Stinnett. “As a midwestern company, they’ve been hiding in plain sight, and I’m excited to help spearhead their growth from a startup to an industry standard.”

Stinnett has created, led and managed multibillion dollar high-tech businesses for HP, Sybase/SAP, Oracle and Cisco, and restructured and grew two midcap software firms through profitable, successful exits in both public and private equity structures. She has cultivated valuable relationships with global C-level contacts that include customers, partners, distributors and service providers. She is a Fellow for the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and has served on more than 15 boards.

About Boon Logic

Boon Logic’s breakthrough, patented nano-clustering technology for unsupervised machine learning simplifies and accelerates AI development and deployment in visual inspection and preventive maintenance applications. The next-gen Boon Nano algorithm performs anomaly detection, model training, and clustering 1,000 times faster than traditional modeling methods that are complex and involve lengthy model training that can take several weeks to several months. Boon Nano reduces the need for highly-skilled, hard-to-find AI talent and allows organizations to leverage the value of AI with their existing subject matter experts. It is flexible, autonomously tuning, training, and running in real-time at the edge or in the cloud. For more information visit Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and on our blog


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