Available Online: Full Archive of the Minnesota Edition of Outdoor News, The Sportsman’s Weekly

Available Online: Full Archive of the Minnesota Edition of Outdoor News, The Sportsman’s Weekly



(Minneapolis, MN) —  June 25, 2024  — East View Information Services is pleased to announce the launch of the Outdoor News Digital Archive, which will feature all published issues of the Minnesota edition of Outdoor News from 1967 to present.

“The staff at Outdoor News is thrilled to work with East View Companies in the launch of our comprehensive digital archive, a treasure trove of more than five decades of outdoor journalism. This archive not only preserves the rich history of our publication but also provides an invaluable resource for outdoor enthusiasts, researchers, and historians. By digitizing every past issue, we are ensuring that the stories, insights, and knowledge shared over the years remain accessible to all,” said Rob Drieslein, publisher of Outdoor News. “Whether you’re looking to revisit groundbreaking hunting and fishing or conservation stories, find tips from seasoned experts, or simply relive memorable outdoor adventures, our archive is your gateway. We believe in the importance of connecting past, present, and future generations of outdoor lovers, and this archive is a testament to that commitment. Dive in and explore the legacy of Outdoor News – where every page is a journey into the heart of Minnesota’s great outdoors.”

“Outdoor News is the essential paper of record for generations of Minnesotan outdoorsmen and women. Far more than a chronicle of hunting and fishing activities, it offers broad and well-informed coverage of the regulatory and legislative issues that concern a dynamic multi-billion-dollar economy,” said Kent Lee, President and CEO of East View Companies. “As a subscriber to the print issues, I am excited for users to explore over 50 years of environmental and regulatory issues in addition to the personal outdoor adventure stories. Working closely with a fellow Minnesota business to bring this archive to Midwest public libraries is an added bonus, especially when local and rural journalism faces headwinds as never before.”

The Outdoor News Digital Archive will offer readers the most comprehensive collection available for this title, and feature full page-level digitization, complete original graphics, and searchable text. Learn more about the archive at eastview.com/outdoor-news or contact info@eastview.com. East View offers demonstrations and free trials to libraries worldwide, which may be requested at the webpage above.


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