Albert Lea Bank Wraps Up Pack the Trailer-Community Food Drive

Arcadian Bank’s REACH team

(Albert Lea, MN) — April 3rd, 2024)  —  Arcadian Bank’s REACH team wrapped up our annual Pack the Trailer-Community Food Drive event for 2024.  We invite and challenge other local businesses to participate by collecting nonperishable food, personal care items, and paper products with either their employees or their customers.  This year we had 15 local businesses join us in collected 4,400 pounds of donations that were split and delivered to 4 local food shelves.  The Bank also donated $1000 to each food shelf.  March is MN FoodShare Month allow for donations to participating food shelves to make the most impact to the communities they serve.

Arcadian Bank culture committee coordinated a friendly competition among our employees breaking our staff into teams and the team with the most weight of donations would win free lunch. Our winning team collected 745 pounds.  Our staff all helps to go through all the food collected to make sure that nothing is expired, and we separate it out so each of the local food shelves get a variety of the donated items.  It was great to see all the donations and all of the local food shelves were so appreciative.



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