Global Experts Gather in Minneapolis for 2022 OATI Energy Conference

  This conference is all about forging solutions to current and future energy challengers, and we can’t wait to begin the collaboration that it will take to do so.”  — Jerry Dempsey   (Mineapolis, MN) —  September 20, 2022  — Global energy experts convene today through September 22 to discuss the Smarter Future of Energy at the Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) Energy Conference at Mall of America. The

‘Smart Energy’ Resource

OATI has multiple, demand-side energy technology solutions to empower utilities to rely on renewables to both create a greener grid and be more reliable.” — Sasan Mokhtari, Ph.D   (Minneapolis, MN)  — August 10, 2022 — Greater reliance on renewable energy resources continues to increase the need for ancillary grid services to ensure a balanced, reliable electrical grid. According to an ISO New England Inc. study released last month, a