IIT and LynLake Centers for WellBeing Join Forces

IIT and LynLake Centers for WellBeing Join Forces

(Eden Prairie, MN) — January 25, 2023  — The Institute for Integrative Therapies (IIT) is excited to announce a collaboration with LynLake Centers for WellBeing to bring healing to our communities.

IIT is an Eden Prairie based psychedelic healing center bringing innovative psychedelic therapy, research and education as tools to help people that are struggling with mental health conditions that include depression, PTSD, anxiety and many others. IIT’s team is composed of doctors and therapists specially trained in the modality known as Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). KAP trained specialists use ketamine to induce psychedelic experiences which are now well known to facilitate meaningful insights, behavioral changes for well being, and alleviate challenging symptoms.

True to its mission, IIT is offering a comprehensive education apprenticeship called the IIT KAP-AP training program designed to educate the next generation of healers in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Appreciating the importance of the emerging field of psychedelic therapy, a paradigm shifting approach in delivering mental health care and promoting well being, LynLake Centers for WellBeing has joined IIT in a collaboration to train their therapists in KAP and prepare them for MDMA and psilocybin therapies.

LynLake Centers for WellBeing is an insurance-based, trauma-informed outpatient wellness practice located in 10 urban locations throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, offering psychotherapy, medication consultation, nutrition services, psychological testing, acupuncture, Reiki, coaching and other wellness services.

The leadership teams at IIT and LynLake Centers for WellBeing welcome the collaborative synergy for the future of caring for the whole person and our communities.

Institute for Integrative Therapies (IIT) – https://www.iit-mn.com/

LynLake Centers for WellBeing – https://therapy-mn.com/


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