Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Music Creation: Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Songwriting

  As AI continues to evolve, the possibilities for music and creativity are endless.” — Mike Berens (Minneapolis, MN) —  February 21, 2023 — In recent years, the use of artificial intelligence in the music industry has been on the rise. AI tools are being used to assist with everything from composing and arranging music to generating lyrics and even selecting the most effective marketing strategies. One of the most

World’s First Online Course Created Entirely Using Artificial Intelligence is Now Available

  If you’ve been sleeping on AI, this is your wake up call” — Alex Londo, Founder & CEO (Bloomington, MN) —  December 15, 2022 — JazzJune, a free platform with tools to create and share learning content, has developed the world’s first online course made entirely from content generated by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapidly emerging in the last few years. But the development of the