Community Unites to Save Deer Population at Gopher Campfire Wildlife Sanctuary

Community Unites to Save Deer Population at Gopher Campfire Wildlife Sanctuary

(Hutchinson, MN) — May 6th, 2024 — The Gopher Campfire Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Hutchinson, MN, faces a critical challenge: protecting its beloved deer population from disease. Without adequate funding for a secondary fence, these majestic creatures are at risk of being euthanized.

Aveyron Homes, Inc., a local non-profit organization, recognizes the sanctuary’s value. Clients frequently visit to observe the deer and other wildlife, and their connection to this natural haven runs deep. When news of the funding crisis reached their ears, Aveyron’s team and clients sprang into action, organizing a bake sale with a singular purpose: raise funds to build that crucial secondary fence.  They are adamant about saving the deer in the sanctuary. For this fundraising campaign, 11 clients and several staff volunteered to help with a bake sale.

On Thursday, May 6, the community rallied around the cause. The bake sale, held at Aveyron’s residential group home on 56 Century Ave. SE, featured an array of delectable treats prepared by our clients. Meanwhile, the staff leveraged social media to spread the word. The result? An overwhelming turnout and unwavering support from the community.

Nicole, one of Aveyron’s Program Coordinators, shared her observations: “One of the best things I noticed was the interaction between our clients and the community. Their faces lit up as people approached the stand. Joan, one of our clients, became the unofficial ambassador for our oatmeal raisin cookies, offering free hugs to anyone who’d let her. It was heartwarming.”

The community’s generosity was palpable. People flocked to the bake sale, not only contributing money but also expressing their heartfelt support. Even those unable to attend sent goodwill. Inspired by this success, Aveyron Homes is preparing a check with the proceeds, which will be donated directly to the Gopher Wildlife Sanctuary for the fencing project.

As the fate of the deer sanctuary hangs in the balance, Aveyron’s clients and staff continue their tireless efforts. A second bake sale was organized and took place last week, all fueled by the smiles they’ve put on faces and the hope they’ve ignited. The community’s unwavering support speaks volumes about the power of compassion and collective action. During the two sales they raised $380 to help the cause!

About Aveyron Homes:

Aveyron Homes, Inc., established in 1975 in McLeod County, remains committed to providing caring homes and support services for individuals with special needs. Our staff members embody the “Golden Rule,” treating others as they would want to be treated.

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